The project map

This map is dated October 2009 and Prowind advises it is out of date; the more current map dated November is available on their website at under Projects, Marlborough. They also advise that this is NOT FINAL, and exact turbine locations have yet to be announced.

This October map is still interesting though as it demonstrates the areas that were under consideration for turbine locations. It is also interesting in that although houses are shown, there are housing developments like Meadowbrook, built over the last 20 years, that are MISSING. Even so, the map does show how close homes are to the turbine locations. If Ontario ever moves to a 1 or 2 km setback as areas in Europe are doing, there will be dozens of houses within that setback area; also it has been established that people living in homes less than 2 km away can experience the effects of the noise and vibration from the industrial wind turbines.

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