July 12, 2010

Take THAT: CanWEA and Dr David Colby!

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Anyone who has been involved in health research knows what a travesty the Candian Wind Energy Association/American Wind Energy Association report on potential health effects from industrial wind turbines was, particularly the suggestion that people reporting effects are really just “annoyed” and upset (i.e., it’s all in their heads) and then, amazingly, something NEVER seen in medical research, the conclusion that not only are there no effects from exposure to industrial wind turbines, there is no reason to do any further research.

Appalling. Insulting. Unprofessional. And, you could say more, like politically motivated, deliberately obtuse, and more.

Well, now someone has said more and coming from him, the criticisms carry a lot of weight. You can download Dr Carl V. Phillips’ full report from Wind Concerns Ontario, but his comments about the report written by a panel of “experts” headed by Ontario’s Dr David Colby are amazingly to the point, and very critical not only of the quality of “research” behind that report but also the motivations for it.

Here are some of the highlights:

-there is ample evidence to conclude that industrial wind turbines cause serious health problems; compelling evidence has been overlooked

-questions could be answered if resources were devoted to finding the answer

-reports that claim no evidence of health effects are based on a “very simplistic understanding of epidemiology” … “they do not represent proper scientific reasoning

-various attempts to dismiss the evidence appears to be based on a misunderstanding of epidemiology and semantic games

-“the dismissal of the evidence is sometimes so bald that it seems like parody. … Colby et al. go so far as to write ‘ There is no evidence that sound at the levels from wind turbines as heard in residences will cause direct physiological effects. A small number of sensitive people, however, may be stressed by the sound and suffer sleep disturbances.’ Even if the latter characterization did not comically understate the evidence, these authors, within the space of a two-sentence paragraph, claim there are no physiological effects but note that there are observed cases of turbines causing a physical problem.”

-“Some of the attempts to dismiss the importance of the observed health problems are semantic games and belittlement, cheap tactics that are typically used to obscure the lack of legitimate scientific arguments.”

-“Language games like these tend to suggest an attempt to avoid direct discussion of the evidence that there really is a problem.”

-“It is notable that the Colby et al. panel did not include any population health researchers, even though the question they claim the report addresses is one of population health. Their expertise seems to be limited to the relevant physical sciences and clinical medicine.” [ Editor: note that while Dr Colby’s specialty is in infectious disease, he does claim to have some experience with sound and safety issues.] ” … they seem quite anxious to claim that we have seen the cases but they do not really exist, very unphysician-like behaviour.”

-the “errors paint a picture of authors who are dramatically overstepping their expertise and hoping that no reader will ever have the expertise to notice, and a forum like the present report in which to expose it.”

Wow. Had enough?

Puts into perspective comments from CanWEA execs, corporate wind developers and politicians. Recall that Prowind Canada’s Bart Geleynse Jr said in a CBC radio interview that people reporting health problems from turbines had “psychosomatic” problems.

Bullying. Obfuscating. Deliberate manipulation of the truth.

It is time to demand that Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health revisit this issue (her 14-page report published in May being based in part on the Colby et al. very flawed and distorted “research”) and start fresh with proper medical research.

Contact your city councillor, your MPP, the Premier.

The North Gower Wind Action Group may be contacted at

March 17, 2010

Troubles in East Garafraxa–and time for a law suit

We’ve been saying this for months now: if the landowners who care nothing for their community and their neighbours go ahead and lease their land to a wind developer for the operation of industrial wind turbines, then people are going to take the only course of action they have open to them in Ontario now— class action law suits.

In East Garafraxa, which is near Amaranth and Melancthon, the location where there are now almost 200 industrial wind turbines, another 100 announced, and where Melancthon has finally said, STOP, residents are indeed calling for legal action. The Ontario government has removed every democratic process from this rush to build wind turbine developments, but, and we’ve said this before, people are not going to stand idly by while they have their health affected and their property values diminished.

They know it’s coming, even if the government doesn’t: they’re seeing that happen all over Ontario where wind turbine developments have been poorly sited near homes. In Amaranth and Melancthon, homes have been made uninhabitable and the wind developers have had to buy them, requiring the homeowners to sign “gag” orders and not discuss the details of their settlements. Property values decline by as much as 30 percent, and some homes are unsellable, according to a study done by Brampton’s Chris Luxemberger.

A sign of the public’s awareness now: a simple public meeting held last week in Marsville attracted 1,500 residents… none too happy either.

Isn’t there a TV show called Dirty Jobs? They should do an episode on what it’s like to work for a wind developer in Ontario, and to present your company’s plans to a community. Now, that‘s a dirty job.

Read the whole article here:–turbine-proposal-stirs-up-angst-in-east-gary

February 8, 2010

People are asking: What can I do about wind turbines?

It’s amazing to us that, here in North Gower, Ontario, there are still people who are unaware of the proposed industrial turbine development for farmland that is very close to homes and other farms in the village, and to homes in part of Richmond. But there are people who haven’t paid attention or who thought the turbines would be all on one farm, and affecting very few, if any, “involuntary neighbours.”

Not so: if you consider that new setback regulations in Europe are for 2 km between turbine installations and homes (in Germany [Saarland] in fact it is 2 km from the boundary of a residential zone), and the fact that the Mars Hill,NY health study (not yet released) indicates in its preliminary results that 82% of people within 1.5 km of the industrial wind turbines are experiencing health effects, there are a lot of people in North Gower and Richmond who should be concerned.

So now, more people are asking what they can do.

First, join your local wind action group, wherever you are. (In North Gower, contact them at )

Sign a petition asking for a moratorium on these developments until third-party, objective health studies are done—health studies that involve interviews and examinations of real people, not literature reviews.

Read more on the issue. In Ontario, go to 


DONATE to the efforts: legal fees, mailings, advertising, sign purchase etc all costs money, currently being borne by volunteers.

CONTACT your City Councillor and your MPP. Don’t accept the “it’s out of our hands” response. True, the Green Energy Act essentially removed the ability of municipalities to plan their own communities and protect their citizens (how they let that happen is a mystery, but probably due to the green brainwashing that took place), but that doesn’t mean it’s right. If every affected municipality rose up and protested, something would have to be done.

Get lawn/window signs, talk to your neighbours, and above all learn as much as you can about this issue. When you start reading about it, you’ll learn that all is not what it seems. This is not about the environment, it’s about money and votes.

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