October 1, 2010

Experts on TVO: green energy act a concern

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There were three people who made sense: Tom Adams of Tom Adams Energy (and ex of Energy Probe), Economics professor at U of T Don Dewess, and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Tom Clipshaw. On the not so informed or maybe politcally influenced side, the CEO of Toronto Hydro Joyce Maclean (who actually had the temerity to mention that total failure, the wind turbine at Exhibition Place) and Ontario’s so-called Environment Commissioner Gordon Miller.

Key quotes:

Dewess–“government’s don’t create jobs, they just move them around”

Adams– some jobs are being created in the green energy sector but they could disappear as fast as they appeared.

All in all some good comments but no mention of the economic effect of widespread property value decline, or the effect on tourism of the proliferation of ugly industrial wind turbine projects (they’re NOT pretty and no one will be having picnics underneath them), or the potential effects on other aspects of the economy such as the commercial fisheries in Ontario’s Great Lakes.

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February 4, 2010

Kristopher Stevens: a portrait of manipulation, deviousness and yes, we dare say, lies

It was quite the show on TVOntario’s The Agenda on Tuesday night.

The hilarity started off with an appearance by Scarborough MPP Brad Duguid, the newly minted Minister of Energy and whatever, talking about the fabulous deal with Samsung. Fortunately, Steve Paikin is no newby and he didn’t let the minister get away with very much.

On to the panel of four: the Ottawa Citizen’s Randall Denley, whose recent column on the deal likened Ontario to a third world country with a “branch plant mentality” because of this deal; Norman Rubin of Energy Probe who likes renewable energy but says wind is not it; Tom Rand of Cleartech; and Kristopher Stevens, executive director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association.

Denley and Rubin were calm, informed and intelligent, while Rand was spouting insane things like ‘it’s great to be paying four times as much for power’ and ‘the rest of the world is looking at Ontario in awe’, and Stevens was just … incredible. It was impossible to stay seated while he talked, one thing after another that came out of his mouth was just an incredible ridiculous piece of garbage.

Our doctor would not like us to detail his remarks as it affects our blood pressure, but among all the outrageous statements this one jumped out. Stevens had the gall to say that because of clean wonderful wind energy, Ontario doctors will be less busy in future because they won’t be having to care for the “9,000 people” dying from coal-fired generating plants each year.


And how can you pinpoint any single cause of air pollution and attach a number of deaths to it.

Here are the facts:

-Transportation, i.e., CARS are a major source of air pollution in Ontario. In a study done by Finkelstein, Jerret and Sears (2004) the authors noted that particulate and gaseous air pollution is “common to many metropolitan areas and is an important risk factor for mortality.” Their study showed that people were at greater risk living next to major roadways than from “urban background concentrations of air pollution.”

-Another source of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels by industry and, to a lesser degree, for power generation. However, in Ontario, 96 percent of the pollution comes to us from the United States.

-While no one wishes to play with death statistics to prove a point (except for the wind industry, that is), the  industry’s quoted death statistics are way off the mark. According to Environment Canada, air pollution contributes to (i.e., does not cause, but makes other health conditions worse) 5,900 premature deaths a year in Canada overall. Not Ontario. Not 9,000 people in Ontario.

These are the kind of remarks that are tossed off in interviews and TV appearances by the wind developers (Like Bart Geleynse of Prowind and Zwig of Horizon who love to trot out the “People are dying from coal!”) that are designed for the urban dwellers who live with air pollution (from the CARS) and who will never have to have a 400-foot noisy vibrating industrial wind turbine next to their homes.

If you have to resort to such measures, then we know you have plenty to hide.

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