March 12, 2010

“Without due care and planning”

In the current edition of Western News out of the University of Western Ontario is a letter to the editor commenting on Dr Robert McMurtry’s recent article in that newsletter on the harm being caused by industrial wind turbine developments, written by Wayne Hocking, professor of physicas and astronomy.

He says the health concerns associated with wind turbines are significant … but there are more issues than that. “If these major facilities continue to grow to the extent that they start extracting significant fractions of total available energy (typically 10 per cent) from the wind, they will unquestionably alter both the local micro-climate and potentially larger scale wind motions. The potential effects could be dramatic.”

“The decision to go ‘green’ on a massive scale, without due care and planning, is risky,” he continues.

Amazingly, he says that solar cells are also damaging to the environment–they deliver less energy over their lifetime than is required to make them!!

Finally, the coup de grace: “A planned approach is crucial. Kneejerk reactions simply demonstrate the impact of the ‘Peter Principle’ in modern politics.”

Could not have said it better.

October 12, 2009

Legally indefensible

Dr Robert McMurtry’s reaction the day after the Ontario government released their (lax) requirements for renewable energy projects, specifically wind turbines, was:

“This is neither morally nor legally defensible. As soon as possible it will be brought before the courts.”


How can one company and one pair of landowners propose a project that will do so much damage to a community? Affect people’s health, erase property values, and destroy the rural landscape. How can this happen?

The City of Ottawa has forgotten us, our provincial government has killed democracy in order to promote big business and our federal government is looking the other way.

Opponents must continue to protest but it is also possible that legal action is necessary.

The North Gower Wind Action Group is actively seeking your support. Please join by contacting, or by mail at PO Box 485 North Gower K0A 2T0, or by fax at 613-489-3868

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