March 22, 2011

Haldimand Council carries resolution for moratorium on wind turbines

A Mayor with courage and integrity:

Haldimand Council carries resolution for moratorium on wind turbines.

May 11, 2010

Hitting the nail right on the head

This letter to the editor was published in yesterday’s Toronto Star. the author has succinctly made the point that Ontario already has power generation that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases (hydro and nuclear) and that there are better ways to go about creating cleaner air in Ontario, i.e., public transit etc.

He fervently counters the “coal is killing people” bogeyman thrown up by the wind industry to appeal to the Liberal-voting masses in Toronto. Most of Ontario’s air pollution comes from industry and transportation, and from industry south of the border.

Here is the letter:

Could it be that the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is finally standing up to its political masters at Queen’s Park. It may have objected to the vast amount of money needed for green energy like wind and solar that will do little, if anything, to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while reducing the long-term reliability of our electrical grid and reducing our economic competiveness by putting up electricity cost.Much more GHG is coming from the transportation and industrial sectors than from electricity generation. Since 80 per cent of Ontario’s electricity already comes from non-GHG emitting nuclear and hydro generation, money allocated to wind and solar infrastructure could be better spent by electrification of our commuter rail system, building light rail systems, expanding the subway system, making industrial processes more efficient, and making more use of natural gas in transportation rather than in electricity generation.

Donald Jones, Retired Nuclear Engineer, Mississauga 

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