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We aim over the next while to present articles and documents that are authoritative on industrial wind turbines, specifically on whether they make financial sense for hydro ratepayers (who are subsidizing them), and what the effects are on health and safety, the environment, and on wildlife and livestock.

Anything related to health though is not a “medical” “peer-reviewed” work, however, which is the only thing governments say they will accept. The problem is, medical research has to be funded and that’s usually through drug companies, or by organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, etc. No entities like that have an interest in the effects of industrial wind turbines.

The newest review article. If you are looking for one paper that has it all, this is “it”. 

Health and wind turbine noise

Dr Christopher Hanning’s report Sleep disturbance and wind turbine noise is at:



On the feasibility of wind and costs to ratepayers (“Wind is simply an additonal capital cost to ratepayers”):

Documents listed in Health Canada letter to Nova Scotia environmental assessment officer re: Skypower Corp Digby project:

Keith, SE, Michaud DS and Bly SHP. 2008. A proposal for evaluating the potential health effects of wind turbine noise for projects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control, 27 (4): 253-265.


Michaud, D, Bly SHP, Keith SE. 2008. Using a change in percentage highly associated with noise as a potential health effect measure for projects under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Canadian Acoustics, 36 (2): 13-28.

Pedersen E, Halmstad HI. 2003. Noise annoyance from wind turbines — a review. Swedish Environmental Procetion Agency, Report 5308.

The Appraisal Group One Wind Turbine Impact Study, which reviews the impact on property values:

“Noise Radiation from Wind Turbines Installed Near Homes: Effects on Health” by Barbara Frey BA MA and Peter J Hadden, BSc, FRICS. This is the study Professor John Harrison of Queens University said “makes for very disturbing reading and should be manadtory reading for all wind energy developers and regulatory authorities.” It is available at:

And, speaking of Dr Harrison, Professor Emeritus in physics at Queens, here is his paper with recommendations for how noise is tested (apparently there is great opportunity for trickery in measuring the noise from wind turbines) as well as setbacks to prevent health problems:

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