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Wind energy: is it graceful giants against the horizon, or industrial machinery causing noise and vibration that cause ill health? Are the wind developers just taking advantage of government subsidies, using willing (and uninformed) landowners?

The risks to health have been documented in the blogosphere and in the news, but not by science. Isn’t it time? And can we please save the village of North Gower from being a lab rat in this quest for “green” energy?

(Please read the documents on our documents page, and get a copy of Dr Nina Pierpont’s case study, peer-reviewed health report, Wind Turbine Syndrome)

We’re not opposed to wind-driven energy, far from it. If it works…and we’re coming to have our doubts about that. But who CHOOSES to locate an industrial complex within feet of several hundred homes?

The issues at hand:

What is appropriate placement for these 400-600-foot industrial turbines?

Is the expense and disturbance worth it in terms of power generation?

With so many areas in Ontario that a) have more wind potential and b) fewer people living there, why is North Gower, virtually a suburb of Ottawa, tipped for an industrial wind turbine development? If the proposal for the 10 626-foot turbines is successful, almost every one of the 1,400 homes in North Gower will be affected by industrial wind turbines. There isn’t another wind turbine installation in this province that affects so many people. (It’s as if an experiment is to be conducted on the health effects of proximity to wind turbineson a large scale. Never mind a few reports of ill health, let’s see what happens when an entire village is exposed!)

What ARE the health effects of the constant noise and vibration produced by the turbines?

Why is it that in an urban area, a homeowner gets to comment on the effect a home addition proposed by a neighbour might have on the enjoyment of his property, but wind turbines can be erected and the homeowner in a rural area has no opportunity to say anything about it?

Questions, questions. Over 40 municipalities in Ontario have concerns about industrial wind turbine developments. Several have lodged complaints with the Ontario government, even the the Green Energy Act virtually handcuffs them in terms of planning their own communities, and safeguarding their citizens.

Put the turbines where the wind is, not where the people are.

Craig House

[Historic Craig family farmstead in North Gower Ontario.]

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