November 18, 2013

Training the wind industry

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We thought it was a good time to revisit this post from THREE YEARS ago. Interesting how the spin hasn’t changed much except now the wind biz has added suggestions that Ontario’s nuclear power sector (the most successful in the world) is also a bad environmental risk. We may check in on Stan and his colleagues soon, but for now, re-read this.


Ever notice that when representatives of the wind development companies are asked questions, they all come up with the same answers? It’s like The Daily Show used to do when George W. Bush was president: they would run clips of government people all saying the exact same thing. Like they were coached. Which they were.

So how did that go? Maybe like this: We revisit Stan and Dan of the wind development lobby (last seen planning a “health study” in our post, How Did That Conversation Go?).

Stan: OK, OK, people, let’s return to our seats for the recap of the day… the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can all get to the Beer Garden and the evening’s entertainment, and a draw for a trip by air to Germany!

Crowd: Hooray!

Stan: OK. Now, here on the screen in Powerpoint are the main points to remember. You must…

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