October 29, 2009

Leasing land for wind turbines: “I wouldn’t do it again” (2)

Johnsburg Survey Summary Updated 4/2/09


Residents of the Johnsburg, WI area who live within one half mile of at least one wind turbine were asked to complete a written survey. Forty six per cent returned the survey, many with additional comments. Here is a summary of the 219 responses that were received. Note: residents live in the midst of the Blue Sky/Green Field Wind Farm in east central Wisconsin – 88 Industrial Wind Turbines scattered across 10,600 acres of rolling farmland in Fond du Lac County. 

  1. A.    If you could do it over, would you have turbines on your property or near your home?

           60% said NO, including 30% of those currently hosting a turbine.

  1. B.     What problems have you encountered?
  2. TV, radio reception – 57% (124) now have a problem with TV or radio reception
  3. Shadow Flicker – 52 % (113) stated they have a problem with shadow flicker
  4. Noise – 50 % (108)  stated yes, noise is a problem
  5. Look of the landscape – 49% (108) dislike the new views
  6. Cell phone reception – 30% (66) now have cell phone reception problems
  7. Construction concerns – 21% (47) cited problems during the installation
  8. Impact on plants and animals – 11% (25) indicated problems


  1. C.    Would you approve an expansion for more turbines in your area?   (Phase II)

      63% said NO, including 26% of the respondents that indicated they already host a turbine.


  1. D.    How far should a turbine be placed from a home?

            62% indicate a setback should be 1/2 mile or more; only (22%) support the Wisconsin Public         Service Commission setback of 1,000 ft.

  1. E.     When asked about building or buying a home, 71% said not closer than 1/2 mile to a turbine.


  1. F.     What Health problems does your family experience that you attribute to the turbines?

      33% indicated at least one of the following problems: Sleep Loss; Headaches; Nausea; Stress;      or Seizures, with 25% stating their sleep was disturbed at least once per week.

  1. G.    In addition to these impacts on humans, 30% indicated negative effects on pets, farm animals or wildlife.

 H.    How do you think the wind farm has affected your property value? 58% stated their property lost value. Estimates of loss ranged from 10% to 60%.

 Typical Comments also received from those responding are listed by subject area: (3/30/2009)

 #1: I know we need alternate energy sources, but we were told they (turbines) were not noisy and they are extremely noisy. 

 #2: Very noisy, cannot open my windows in the spring, summer or fall.

#9: I think land owners and homeowners should do their homework before jumping at the almighty $Dollar. They (turbines) are an eyesore for the nice community we used to have.  My advice, don’t go through it, you’ll be sorry. In summer I cannot open windows due to the noise. People come to visit and they cannot believe people have to put up with them (turbines).

#23: Who will buy our home now?  Why can’t someone help us now before the next 40 turbines go up in the same area?  Farmers signed a contract under the table – we had no say in anything.  We can’t build a shed – it was too big so they say- but they can approve of these damn, good-for –nothing wind farms.  Closed windows – still can hear them damn things.  Tell people to fight back before it’s too late.

[Please see post for December 3, 2009: Thinking of leasing land for wind turbines? No going back if you do.]



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  2. Does anyone else notice the bitter irony that web postings opposing industrial wind developments almost always contain an ad from Goldman-Sachs promoting wind investments? Yessir, those titans of toxic assets that drove millions from their homes through foreclosure now want to finish the job for the rest of us by making our rural properties unliveable and worthless.

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