August 31, 2009


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This just in from Wind Action

Why the concern?

With the wind developer and the province claiming that opposition to industrial wind turbine installations is “NIMBYism” it’s important to clarify: finding clean and efficient ways to generate power is very important in Ontario. But it has to be cost-effective and have a minimum of harmful effects.
In the case of North Gower, employing the 550-meter setback means just about everyone in the entire area will be affected by the sight of the turbines and, more important, the sound as they operate.
And, with the new Green Energy Act, opportunities to comment or have any influence are minimal.
Consider that if your neighbour wants to put an addition on his or her house, you get to comment if that addition could have a negative effect on your house and your enjoyment of it. But, a wind developer can propose to put a 626-foot wind turbine 550 meters from your house which will produce noise, lights, and alter your view forever…but you can’t say anything about it.
Here is a map of possible build areas for North Gower. Apologies for the quality but that’s what’s available. be advised that this map is VERY early days; the company says it is just a general idea, at present, and a more detailed map will be available within a month.
The yellow areas are “possible build”.

Remember too these are not little turbines like the one that a homeowner tried to erect in the Westboro area, these are giant industrial turbines, that will alter the landscape and they do produce noise.

proposed turbine map

August 30, 2009

Ontario an environmental leader? Lead away! Away from the village, that is.

The impetus behind Ontario’s Green Energy Act is to make the province look like a leader in the area of developing clean, effcient energy. So, are wind turbines the way to go?

How about, no.

According to National Wind Watch, no wind power developer has ever been able to prove reduced use of fossil fuel or nuclear fuel use due to wind power being added to the grid, anywhere. Plus, wind power is a “uniquely intrusive industrialization of rural and wild areas” that adds noise and light pollution. It is a threat to bats and birds, and the depth of the foundations can disturb or disrupt water tables.

Wind power has been developed in Europe for decades so how’s that working for them? Not so well, actually: the government of Denmark has cancelled plans for wind development and withdrawn subsidies from existing sites. The Netherlands decommissioned 90 wind turbines in 2004. In Norway, studies concluded that wind turbines cause “serious environmental effect, insufficient production and high production costs.”

It appears that wind turbine projects are a fabulous cash generator for the wind companies, who reap government subsidies (tax payer dollars) and get paid outrageous sums for the power they produce. As well, the things are not even efficient! The average is 15-30% efficiency and they often require electricity and fossil-fuel backup.

The Ontario government has not produced any real studies to show the cost-benefit ratio of industrial wind turbines: not for health, not for power generation, not for the environment.

It should. And there should be no new construction until the evidence is out.

August 29, 2009

Getting the word out

Meeting August 27 with the Greens. Deputy Leader Adriane Carr had good advice about developing a message and sticking with it, in this case: health. That’s all that matters.

But let’s not wait until the behemoths are up and causing health problems, let’s get the research done NOW.

North Gower Wind Action Group chair Gary Chandler: “Let’s stop, get independent advice from medical epidemiological studies, come back, show us the report and let’s move forward from that point. There’s too much at stake to go full-bore down this path, without knowing for sure, 100 per cent, what the long-term health impacts are going to be.”

Councillor Glenn Brooks: “Some people say these things make people sick, some say they don’t. Let’s get the scientific answers before moving ahead.”

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